Stars Football League Wraps Up A Successful First Season.


The SFL is wrapping up their first season on Aug. 12, 2011 when the New Orleans Jazz hosts the Michigan Coyotes at Tad Gormley Stadium, City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

During the first season, the SFL organized 4 teams in 3 States, and played 6 league games.  The teams were evenly matched as they played close, exciting games. 

The Ft. Lauderdale Barracuda/New Orleans Jazz game ended in a tie, when the Barracudas scored 9 points with no time left on the clock.  This was possible due to the addition of the innovative 1-2-3 rule which the Stars Football League pioneered during the first season.  This rule allows a team to attempt  3 extra points after a touchdown by running or passing the ball from the 10 yard line. 

The SFL also adopted the 4 point 50 yard field goal.  These rules have already been instrumental in keeping the games close, exciting and competitive. 

During the first season,  SFL signed over 200 players in one month to form 4 competitive teams.  These teams played 6 games between June and August, in three different venues.   This has developed the core teams and playing venues for next season. 

The SFL has developed the fan base for a spring league in the current cities and will play the second season beginning April, 2012. 

The SFL is already hard at work, developing additional playing venues and teams for the second season.  While the SFL is actively forming teams in several cities, the league is open to teams in any location where there is a active fan base and ownership support.