SFL Wraps up First Season the New Orleans Jazz 21; the Michigan Coyotes 6.


               In another close, exciting game,  the New Orleans Jazz, jumped out to a 14-0 lead over the Michigan Coyotes, and then withstood a solid Michigan defense to win 21 – 6.  This game closed out the SFL 2011 season and sets the stage for another exciting season in the spring of 2012.

               New Orleans QB Lester Ricard threw 2 for two touch downs to lead the Jazz and Michigan Coyote’s Shannon Russell had an 80 punt return, touchdown to keep the scoring close.  The Michigan Coyote Defense, stood up to a very talented New Orleans offense to keep the Coyotes in the game, throughout.   The game drew over 1,900 fans.  

               During the inaugural season, the Stars Football League played 6 League games with 4 teams in three different cities to establish an active and growing league.  The planning for their second season for 2012 begins immediately on Saturday, 2011.

               Peter Huthwaite, League President, said “The league is targeting eight to ten additional teams for the 2012 season which begins early in April, 2012.  The league is actively negotiating for ownership of these teams.”    

                Mr. Huthwaite went on to say, “We are looking to add more national corporate sponsors and a TV contract for the 2012 season.

                Any one interested in sponsorships or ownership can contact the League at www.StarsFootballLeague.com. or by phone at 313-886-9140.  This season the SFL signed over 200 players.  The SFL provides these players with another opportunity to play professional football that previously did not exist for them.  The Stars Football League is a professional football league that plays by NFL rules, on full 100 yard fields, and will be playing in the spring for many years to come.   

                For, 2012 the SFL will hold tryouts across the country to allow players to show there skills.  The League is planning tryouts by regions of the US, Europe and China.

                Fans should keep a watch on the SFL website (www.StarsFootballLeague.com).  The Website is continuing to expand with more merchandise offerings, new team information and tryout scheduling.  The league will also be announcing additions to team ownerships, national sponsorship agreements and additional broadcasting contracts.